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Zack Margaret



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Zack Margaret is a proud queer Latinx filmmaker of Costa Rican descent with experience in both documentary filmmaking and production sound mixing. Originally from Waterbury, CT, he earned his degree from New York University Tisch School of the Arts in 2020 with a major in Film and Television Production. With a focus on documentary filmmaking, Zack has directed the shorts US (2018) , which has been featured in the 2019 Dumbo Film Festival and Battle of the Film Schools Festival, and Por Vida (2022), which has been an official selection of New York's Lift-Off Film Festival. Using the familiar lens of friends and family, his work is evocative and thought provoking while providing commentary on bigger sociopolitical issues marginalized communities are facing. He is currently working on Rainbow Bridge, again putting his directorial skills to work. This film aims to highlight the ethics surrounding animal euthanasia told through the lens of an at-home vet.

In addition to his own documentary film work, Zack has garnered numerous production credits on productions such as a Julia on HBO Max, Confess Fletch with Miramax, and 4th of July with Circus King Films. His sound mixing work includes work on Troop 264 – a 2018 television pilot, Ship of Fools – a short length documentary, and To Be in Love – a short film.

With experience on a multitude of sets including both smaller and commercial productions, as well as both the fiction and documentary mediums, Zack has demonstrated his own versatility and a marked ability to create within multiple aspects of a production’s creation.

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